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Aanii! Paige ndishnikaaz, born and raised in Toronto, ON.   Thanks to my 
mother for deciding to move to the Big City (Chi-odenhnaang) "Toronto"
from Parry Island, aka Wasauksing First Nation Reserve searching for
better opportunities for her family.  I'm so happy and thankful that she 
decided to spread her wings,  I ♥ her.  Chi-Miigwetch!  

I love taking photographs and spending time with my family.  Since high
school I have been intrigued and interested in photography.  It never ceases
to fascinate me how a simple photograph can portray a story.  Keen to
formalize my training, I obtained a certificate in photography through
George Brown College.  

I began my practical experience with a canon film SLR, which I bugged
a friend to sell me (thanks!).    I was excited when Digital SLRs hit the
market, and made the switch as soon as I could afford to. 

My friends say "I light up like a flash” when I have my camera in my hand
stalking that shot. I love exploring from behind the lens, ready to tell a story

goal is to capture your slice of life.

Thanks for dropping by


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